The Wild Nectar Initiatives

Shillong, Meghalaya, India

The Wild Nectar Initiatives strives to provide an insight into its torch-bearing social enterprise promoted under the Wild Nectar Meghalaya brand, with pure natural honey – produced, harvested and packaged locally as its main product. Wild Nectar is also working towards including more locally produced indigenous products and services under its array of branded products.

Wild Nectar Initiatives also identifies tourism as a medium that would help create green livelihood opportunities in the rural areas, as well as act as a medium for knowledge sharing in order to educate visiting tourists and locals alike about the culture and tradition of the people of these hills and in the process promote responsible tourism in its true sense.

Through its online presence, the initiative will also promote stories of exceptional local individuals who are contributing towards the greater good, in whatever capacity that they can. Such individuals may include small business owners, village artisans or any ordinary person whose story needs to be told.